New bass player on the board


THEO CORCORAN has been playing various instruments all his life but he started playing bass at the age of 11. He's been a member of Brighton based band Kickfist since 2009 and he has played numerous large venues including O2 Islington, Manchaster Academy 3 and Concord 2. He's been also endorsed by Kingdom Guitars. Theo joined Aren Drift in April 2018.

We played the first gig with Theo on Saturday 25/5 in Croydon and I'll tell you what.. this man was born to be on the stage! He loves whisky and heavy music and you will love his performance! Check out our facebook page for more info regarding upcoming gigs! We have two big gigs to come in July!!!!

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Video for Snow Queen
We had so much fun working with Ollie Dolling on the video for our single Snow Queen! We have some very cool footage from St Pauls in Worthing, and we did some shooting in the mysterious forests  Kent as well. It takes time to get it right and fulfil our visions but we want to create something cool and unique. We believe it will be worth waiting for!
Music video to our new single in progress

We filmed some cool video footage in the Czech Republic for our debut single Snow Queen. 

We went to some very interesting and mysterious places including the Prachovske Mountains and Czech Paradise. We also shot footage in the area of Hrad Kost (Castle Kost), a fantastic location which Hollywood directors picked out and used extensively in the movie Hannibal Rising.

The place is very mysterious and should p[lay well with the themes of the video we've been working on. Stay tuned! 

Heavy melodic riffs, International influences, The new sound, Aren Drift.